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Our story begins in 1849, ten years before the colony of Queensland became a self-governing state.

In this year Munroe Smith, an ardent total abstainer, arrived from England, and John Patient Smith, a man "full of temperance zeal", emigrated from Canada. These two men, having influenced a few friends to join them, united in the formation of the Moreton Bay Temperance Society. The Society was established on the 8th of May and as such began the 170 year journey to the Drug Awareness and Relief Foundation (Australia) as it operates today, supporting a holistic suite of programs and services that address alcohol and other drug harms at every level.

Our history also extends back to the origins of another pioneering health organisation, the Mental Health Federation of Queensland which was inaugurated in 1961. This organisation (as the Mental Health Association Qld) merged with our subsidiary charity Drug ARM in 2011 and will complete the final phase of this merger in 2020. 

Stewardship of our history is important to us, as we remember and reflect on the intentions of our founding members and ensure we meet the purpose and objectives of our organisation in to the future. 


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